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We appreciate your interest regarding membership at Mission Bay Yacht Club. Our Club offers a variety of benefits and programs for boating enthusiasts of all ages in San Diego’s best playground – Mission Bay. As a member of Mission Bay Yacht Club, you will have the opportunity to get involved in club-sponsored fleets which include several one-design sailing fleets, and a Cruising fleet. In addition to fleet activities, the Club hosts various social events during the year. Further, our year-round Junior program provides sailing instruction, summer programs, and activities for younger Club members. Mission Bay Yacht Club has a strong tradition of Corinthian sailboat racing. The Club sponsors many regattas throughout the year. You will find national champions and novices alike competing in our regattas. Mission Bay Yacht Club’s ideal location makes it a favorite venue for national and world championship regattas.

All of us here at the Mission Bay Yacht Club want you to know that we value you as a member and want to make sure you continue to get the most out of your time spent at the Club. The volunteer Board of Directors organizes both racing and social events and works hard to keep the facilities at the Club in excellent working order. However, it is important to remember that the operation of our Club is dependent upon member cooperation and volunteer efforts. Each MBYC member is expected to participate in this volunteer effort in support of our Club. There are ample opportunities to get involved ranging from Club maintenance to Regatta support and race committees, to social and fundraising events and more.

We invite you to learn more about Mission Bay Yacht Club by meeting some of our members and touring the facilities. Please contact the club at (858) 488-0501 to make an appointment to visit.

For the Membership Application please click the link below:

Membership Application


FLAG:  Must be a Boat owner (or Co-Owner) of a Sailboat or Powerboat deemed seaworthy and able to support Sailing and or Cruising as outlined in MBYC Bylaws. Flag Members possess voting rights.

SOCIAL FLAG:  Does not own a boat as outlined in Flag Member qualifications; however, intends to actively support the mission of the Club. Has same rights to the club as Flag Members with the exception of boat storage and voting privileges. May convert to Flag Membership upon approved boat ownership.

JUNIOR FLAG:  Same qualifications as Flag Member; however, is between ages of 18-30 years. Junior Flag Members do not have voting privileges.

MILITARY FLAG: Active Duty with US Military (eligible for 36 months). Military Flag Members do not have voting privileges.  Military Flag members are welcome to apply for a regular membership at the end of the 36 months and enjoy a discount to 30% of the current Flag initiation fee.

JUNIOR:  Between ages 12-21 years old and maintains full time student status. Junior Members must renew their activation fee quarterly (see below). Junior Members do not have voting privileges or guest privileges.  No family member or guest privileges.

SANDPIPER:  Between ages 7-11 years old and maintains full time student status. Sandpiper Members must renew their activation fee quarterly (see below). Sandpiper Members do not have voting privileges or guest privileges.  No family member or guest privileges.


  • Seasonal Activation Fee: $75 per season/quarter
    • Summer: June, July, August
    • Fall: September, October, November
    • Winter: December, January, February
    • Spring: March, April, May
  • Monthly Dues: 
    • Junior Member | Age 12-21 | $23.10 per month

Sandpiper Member | Age 5-11 | $15.95 per month


Mission Bay Yacht Club Fees and Dues - 2024

(Quoted amounts are subject to change)


Member Type

Initiation Fee

Monthly Dues



$151.80 + $20 Monthly Assessment


30% of Flag

$75.90 + $10 Monthly Assessment

MILITARY FLAG (36 month)


$151.80 + $20 Monthly Assessment


$75 per quarter



$75 per quarter



The initiation fee must be paid in full at time of application.


Your application will then be posted on a public bulletin board for our current members to view.

Application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at their monthly

meeting, and you will be promptly notified of their decision.          


While your application is pending, you are welcome to visit the club as often as you like, meet

our members, and enjoy the use of the galley, bar, picnic area, and more. You are also permitted to make reservation for dinner or special events as a prospective member.


Upon acceptance, dues will be billed to your member account in advance and must be paid by

the first of each month. Each non-dependent will receive a membership card for use at MBYC

and at reciprocal yacht clubs, a gate card for easy access to the club, and a parking sticker for our private lot (Junior & Sandpiper members excepted) 


You will also be added to our email list and will receive bi-weekly announcements from MBYC



MCYC HAS AN ANNUAL MINIMUM SPENDING ON FOOD AND BEVERAGE OF $300.  Sandpipers, Juniors, Military, Master Flag and Senior Master Flag excluded

PLEASE NOTE: Dues and Fees are billed in advance and are due within 30 days of billing. For your convenience we offer "auto pay" services. Please inquire at the office for details

For more information on wet storage, please contact the Port Captain, Carolyn Krebs - cbkrebs2@gmail.com

For more information on dry storage, please contact the Brian Anderson bcanderson1647@gmail.com