Most sailors at MBYC have the impression that the Power Fleet is primarily a social group, but that’s far from true. This fleet has a wide range of activities, including cruising, fishing, predicted log racing, race committee for ocean races, as well as running the annual fish fry, which has raised many dollars to support our club. The primary activity is cruising, numerous weekend trips are made to San Diego Bay, staying over at various clubs or anchoring out. Each spring, an annual cruise is held (with the Racing/Cruising Fleet) to Ensenada for a week. A two-week cruise is held at the end of July, again with the R/C Fleet. The Power Fleet supports sailboat racing in a number of ways. They provide a boat for each ocean races, and have donated many hours of labor helping to maintain the racing infrastructure, working on such items as barca and chase boat repair and overhauls. Predicted log racing is another fleet activity. Our fleet runs one each July out of MBYC and participates in ten others out of San Diego Bay. According to Dick Devlin, predicted log racing is a cruising/navigation exercise in which the skipper, using wind forecasts, predicts how long it will take to get to checkpoints. An observer on board records the times, and he/she carries the only watch! The skipper, in a real test of navigation skill, must rely only on his tachometer and compass. Each Year, the Power Fleet puts on its annual Fish Fry, this year it will be on November 9th. This is a really big event, and it is the major source of funding for the fleet. Each June, the Power Fleet provides boats for the Wheelchair Regatta. At 14 boats, MBYC’s fleet was clearly the largest supporter of the event, and we also support the Crew Classic, providing guard, perimeter and message boats. Lastly, we should note that the Power Fleet leads the 4th of July Parade and sponsors as well as participates in the Parade of Lights at Christmas.

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