In the 1960s, Johnson Boat Works introduced the J-Scow as its new boat. The boat had a hull similar in size and shape to the M Scow but sporting only a mainsail and no jib. Harry Melges, owner of Melges Boat Works (now called Melges Performance Sailboats)and Johnson’s competitor, saw the new design and had a chance to test sail it. He found that the boat was a good design but was under-powered and could use some modern rigging. Later on, Melges brought out a version of the J-Scow with a larger mainsail and some new designs. The MC-Scow was born. The MC proved to be faster than the J-Scow and so eventually, Johnson converted its J-Scow production into MC production. Johnson and Melges both continued to make MC’s until 1998 when Melges bought out Johnson. In recent years, Melges has stepped up its marketing efforts with the MC. Since the mid-90’s, the MC has changed from a strictly Midwest lake boat, to a boat sailed nationwide.

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